Of all the SALE

Of all the sale around the metro that I posted in this blog I only got to go to one and it’s just by accident. Yesterday, we head off to Eastwood because I need to get my check books. I have to pay my insurance via PDC after scanning tones of insurance quote, I finally found one that suite my condition. Anyway, after going to the back I told the husband to go the New Eastwood Mall. The last time I was there I was not able to explore the stores and I wanted to look for the store that sells baby gowns in preparation for Keisha’s 1st birthday this May 2010. Anyway, on our way to the mall I saw ToonTown. Of course, my eyes light up when I saw that they are still having a sale. I told the husband we should go inside. And la! Inside I saw tons and tons of High School Musical Barbie dolls (Aish favorite) almost at 50% off. I bought two dolls – Sharpay and Troy.

And then as we stroll along I saw that the LeapFrog Click Start is being sold at Php 3600 (original prices @ Php 5999). Yes, the husband agreed to buy it because it’s a way to make the little girl give me some online time in the computer. lol! I also bought two dora toy (one is with Butch in the car and one with Ticko in an airplane both price at Php 150). I love our purchases that I told the husband not to go anymore on the Eastwood mall. hehe.


I don’t know what happen but when were home and I am checking my receipts I found out that I was just billed Php 3k for the leapstart. hmm.

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