Loving the MAC

Ever since I entered the world of computer, I always used a PC. When I was still on the learning stage, my older brother is into graphics and have been a MAC user. In fact, he is more well versed in a MAC than on a PC. I was thinking why do some users prefer a MAC even if it’s expensive. Now I know the answer. I have used different computers. From cheap Neo to high end HP and IBM. For me they are all the same. You get to install the operating system and then as a user get all the software that you need and put them in your PC and you’re good to go. In MAC it’s different. I already has pre installed software that are really powerful. After getting over the hurdles of switching, like how to copy and paste :) you would eventually see why graphic artist and other artist preferred it over a PC. And I am so glad that the husband is giving it to me :) hahaha.

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