I was never a fan of this brand maybe because its too expensive for my budget. But I do not know what came over me over the past few days (actually even during the holidays) that I am obsessing over the idea of owning one.

Well, I realized that having one would come in handy when the little girl and I go out. They would serve as a sandal/slipper for the two of us and this brand has same style and color for kids and adults so I can buy one for me and Anevay. She prefers to have anything that i have when it comes to shoes and clothes right now. So that is one of the main reason why I like to have this.

mary-jane-cotton-candy But I am thinking the dirt would be obvious on this color. lol. So its a toss between this color and of

mary-jane-black Since I am slaving myself with long hours in front of the computer working it is only right to give myself a gift right? This would be great for the summer since I am planning on enrolling the little girl on summer classes on her future school.

One thought on “Crocs

  1. hello. crocs is also big here in sweden. many love to wear it as it’s really comfortable according to them.

    well, pink is cute especially for your little girl..

    have a great day!

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