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One of the things that I can’t go without is perfume. It’s ironic you know that I always wanted to buy perfume yet there are days that my skin cannot tolerate even just one spray. When I got LUPUS, that’s one of the things that I have to give up the used of cologne and perfume.

But later when my LUPUS is in control I started buying perfumes again. Everytime hubby goes home he would definitely buy one for me in Kuwait (since the price their is cheaper). And then if we go to Duty Free I’ll also buy perfume. For the past two years I have bought around five perfume, two of which – One by D&G and the RED JEANS, and the rest I’ve given them to my sister. I grew tired of the scents. And my sister is delighted to be at the receiving end.

A couple of weeks back, I don’t know what got into me but I started searching for Bath and Body Works product in EBAY. I wanted a shower gel and a spray. So I took the gamble without knowing the scent and bought this…

without the lotion. And I received my order yesterday. My sister who never paid attention to this product tried it and was very pleased of its smell that she told me that she’ll just pay me back and i let her used the b&bw. And to top that she asked me to look for a lotion in EBAY. I am a generous little sister so I told her she can have the product. I am also loving the scent but h3ck I just have to buy a new one with different scent. I browsed through Ebay and found a gift set which consist of LOTION, SPRAY and SHOWER GEL for the JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM scent and is being sold for only Php 500. With nothing to loss I bought it…hahaha.

I told my sister that she have to pay for this one too! lol!

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