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Here in our country (Philippines) , the concept of online shopping were only common to those who are familiar and well versed with the web (online world as to netizens). Quite  a number of people have only connections as to the internet. Those were the days (ages ago)!

.But as time goes by while the internet is taking its toll on the lives of many people who are now connected to the internet via mobile phones, tablets, PC and other mobile gadgets. The concept of online shopping is gaining popularity among different segments of the society- teenagers, young adults, adults, male or female and everything in between :)

Online stores have been sprouting around the web and around the social media via Facebook, Instagram, business websites, etc.

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Strong Investments, Improved Access Fuel Growth in Global Mobile Economy

When it comes to mobile phones, the devices may be getting smaller and thinner, but the industry is only getting bigger, with no perceptible signs of stopping any time soon. According to the Mobile Economy 2014 Report, a surge of capital investment across the globe has helped improve access and fuel increased smartphone penetration on a scale that hardly could have been predicted when the devices were initially introduced. According to the report, growth will continue to be strong around the world, as an increase of 4 million mobile broadband connections is expected to occur between now and the year 2020. Helping to fuel this massive rate of growth is an equally massive funding effort. The Mobile Economy 2014 report indicated that over the past six years, about $1 trillion worth of capital investment has poured into the mobile device industry.


During the time that investment money has been entering the market from all corners of the globe, worldwide mobile broadband connections have grown by a factor of 10. In 2008, the report states there were approximately 200 million such connections, while in 2013, there were more than 2 billion mobile broadband connections. To help sustain these connections, much of the capital investment has involved building stronger networks and enhancing infrastructure in areas struggling to keep up with demand.


In addition to improving connection strength and infrastructure in areas where mobile phone usage is already heavy, some capital investment has been used to introduce users in new regions to the technology through the expansion of network coverage areas. With improved performance and increased coverage areas driving higher demand, investment is also expected to continue to increase, and the Mobile Economy 2014 report suggests that nearly $2 trillion worth of capital investment will be put forth to help keep pace with the growth of data traffic. Indeed, it is not only the rise of subscribers that is propelling demand, but the increasing accessibility to, and popularity of, data-heavy applications and functions such as streaming music and videos that has generated this significant increase in traffic.


While the Mobile Economy report acknowledged the contributions of increased use among existing subscribers to mobile broadband connections, the report also noted that a significant amount of traffic would be due to new subscribers as well. According to the report, as many as 880 million new mobile broadband subscribers are expected to enter the market by 2020.

Helping fuel the popularity and the data traffic increase is the increased accessibility of faster connections, with 3G and 4G connections becoming a larger and larger proportion of overall subscriptions. Perhaps most impressive was the report’s prediction that by 2017, about half of the global population would be covered by an LTE network. As of 2014, only about one-fifth of the population has access to such a network.

Miscarriage Rumors Surrounded Prince William & Princess Kate

If you have been following the news lately, you probably know that Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second baby in 2015. The happy news comes after several weeks of unconfirmed reports that the duchess suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant this time. If these rumors are true, Kate would not be alone.

As many as 50 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, and pregnancy loss is a very hard thing to deal with, just like infertility. Up to ten percent of all couples have some sort of infertility struggle as well, according to It can be difficult to overcome these various struggles to get pregnant, but there are so many different treatment options out there today that doctors are usually able to help most couples achieve their pregnancy dreams. IVF, IUI, ICSI, fertility drugs like Clomid, donor eggs, donor sperm, adoption and more have all helped to make it possible for couples to have a baby when they would otherwise not be able to on their own.

Even celebrities do get hounded by problems just like any ordinary people and ordinary couple. When it comes to pregnancy issues, it could happen to anybody. The key thing is to keep up with the right solution with the right people like healthcare professionals on pregnancy to address the problem. Keeping up with healthy pregnancy tips along the way is a great help too. Simple, easy to do steps can go along way to help you out in your pregnancy journey!

Valuable Information Related To Movavi

Movavi is a software developing company which has become a rage among a majority of the people and different companies that make use of the variety of Movavi applications. In around 150 countries of the world, Movavi applications are being downloaded and utilized by the people almost on a regular basis.

The multimedia programs created by Movavi help you to enjoy your photos, music and videos in the best possible manner. These Movavi programs can be accessed on any device or any platform whatsoever. If you are interested in formatting, enhancing, processing and sharing your content with the other people then you must get hold of the appropriate Movavi application as soon as possible.

You can be assured of the fact that each and every Movavi applications are effective, powerful and easy-to-understand. Therefore if you have no knowledge in relation to computing skills then do not worry because the Movavi programs are extremely simple.

This company has produced around twenty standalone computer applications. Along with these twenty applications, Movavi has come out with a multimedia suite that has tools for disc burning, online sharing, video editing, screen capturing and video conversion.

Movavi was established in the year 2004 and ever since it has been expanding in ways unimaginable because of the top-notch applications produced by it. The headquarters of Movavi are in Russia (Novosibirsk). It even has regional offices in Russia (Moscow) and USA (Missouri).

Some of the business customers who have been utilizing Movavi applications are: Harvard University, Coca-Cola, Procter and Gamble, Microsoft etc. Around eighty-two percent of the Movavi customers recommend Movavi programs such as video converter, photo suite, video suite, screen capture software etc.

Several important review websites like CHIP, ComputerBild, ComputerActive, PC Utilities, MacWorld, CNet, PC World and so on have reviewed Movavi and have recommended the software applications produced by Movavi to the people. All the reviews give you the assurance that Movavi is the most reputable software developing company in the market.

If you visit the company’s website and check out the customer testimonials then you will get an idea about how satisfied the customers are in relation to the software applications created by Movavi.

The best part about Movavi is that there is a separate section on the website known as ‘Help Center’ from where you will get valuable information about Movavi applications. With the help of such information, you will be able to select the perfect application for your work.

The website even has online manuals related to each product and guides on how to perform simple multimedia tasks which can turn out to be extremely helpful for you. The customer service of Movavi is also pretty active and representatives are always ready to assist you. Get details about Movavi’s products from