Fashionable Home Accessories

I was busy cleaning and watering the plants outside our house when I noticed our neighbor’s gate widely open next to our house. I saw some pillows and cushion sets similar to couch cushion at this site being sold at a very reasonable price. I informed DH and he told me that those people were renting out our neighbor’s garage for a limited period of time to finish a deadline to supply a restaurant’s cushion and sofa accessory for the store.

I wanted to buy the rounded cushion set of three priced at P350 each or P1,00 for the set. Hopefully they would still have the set by next week, I heard that they will be also selling some more designs by then. Those were great for Home accessories especially for the sala.

Festival fashion

If you are the type who plans outfits in advance before special occasions or events, now is the exact time to start on your preparations. In the coming month of April, Philippines will be staging its annual Friendship Balloon Festival. Although usually held in February every year, it has been pushed back to the beginning of summer, a great period of time for outdoor activities.

 photo pic.jpg photo shoe.jpg

Should you fancy, go all out and dress up in these striped selections from Zalora and complement the numerous hot air balloons taking flight. Sure, you might get a few laughs for being a walking hot air balloon, but the cheery colours of your outfits will definitely brighten up everyone’s day.

 photo bag.jpg

Not feeling that adventurous? Keep it simple with this yellow tote bag, large enough to carry along all your necessities for a picnic gathering on the fields.

 photo hemshorts.jpg

Or how about these loose-fitting curved hem shorts with flower prints that are not only fitting for such an event, they are perfect for the many adventures and adventure sports you might participate in – be it kite flying, paragliding and skydiving – and will also keep you cool in the hot summer weather.

Come what may, it is time to take a look in your wardrobe and get ready for the summer festivities that are coming your way!

Innovative Gadget For Your Party

You can never call a party “party” if it is a boring one. One of the things to make it alive is to boost that creativity and make it loud through nice musical gadget and accessories like a great sound system and affordable chauvet hurricane 1300 at musicians friend, a fog machine that you can use to a foggy set up and nice lighting that will definitely spice up your party and keep your guests and visitors entertained. Nothing is really impossible in this era of modern day technology!

Live Music

Going on night outs with friends are the typical thing to do to unwind and release all the stress brought about by an all week work schedule. Nothing beats of course to listening to your favorite singing artists/ performers.

So musicians make it a point to prepare and give their audience their best shot through a good singing performance. Singing live is no joke as it really requires them to never commit errors as much as possible. So they had to equip themselves with necessary music tools like the digitech vocalist live 3 to help them out in giving a nice quality voice with harmony that really connects them with the audience. 

It’s been ages since I listened to my favorite artist, hopefully my friends and I can watch their upcoming concert later this year.

Safety Tips for Junk Yards

Are you planning to visit a junk yard for some spare car parts? Junk yards in Florida can be dangerous places, especially if you aren’t sure what to expect. Visit this site to learn how to properly prepare and protect yourself when visiting a junk yard. Junkyard auto parts

Safety Gear

When you head to the junk yard, you need to plan on wearing some basic safety gear. Simple things like wearing a thick pair of gloves to protect your hands will go a long way as you get dirty pulling parts off the car. Another thing you should wear is a strong pair of goggles. Protecting your eyes is an absolute must when working on cars. Steel-toed boots are another smart investment when you are visiting a junk yard. There are a lot of things that you can step on, which can cause you to need a tetanus shot if a nail pierces the skin.

Avoid Danger

Most junk yards are busy places as you see a lot of people working on demolishing old cars, and melting down the metal. There are designated areas where people can go and pull the old parts from cars. It is important to stay in the designated area so you do not place yourself in harm’s way. The people driving the large machines will have a hard time seeing people walking around. Be aware of what is happening around you so you don’t end up placing yourself in harm’s way.

Use Tools

Bring an appropriate set of tools with you to remove the part from the old car. Without the right tools, you can end up hurting yourself by trying to remove the part with your hands and other devices. It is a good idea to bring a socket set with you as there are typically several bolts to unscrew to get to specific car parts. For additional information on how to stay safe at a junk yard, visit You will need to sign a liability waiver when you come to the junk yard. This is to protect the junk yard from being liable for injuries you could sustain while on their property.